Asteel 3D Modeler

Asteel 3D

The Asteel 3D Modeler is a three-dimensional input tool that allows you to interactively build models of steel structures then easily produce the drawings and output required for detailing, fabrication and erection.

  • Powerful 3D detailing solution!
    • Easy to learn! Built on the power of AutoCAD.
    • Finish jobs quicker with less manpower.
    • Reduces data entry time.
    • No overhead time getting started on a job.
    • Easily configured for single or multi-workstation environments.
    • Minimal training required.

An example Asteel 3D model (solids view).
  • High quality shop drawings - fast!
    • Produces details directly from the model.
    • Generates anchor bolt plans, e-sheets and field bolt lists.
    • Unsurpassed drawing presentation.
    • Detail drawing previews from within the modeler.
    • Shop drawings show all required sections, details and layouts.
    • All material is automatically billed out using your fabricator's marking system.
    • Performs all calculations - minus dimensions, copes, weld sizes, stubs, weights...
    • Details are in the industry standard DXF format - view from any version of AutoCAD.
    • Hundreds of pre-configured connection types available.

A floor plan created with the Asteel 3D modeler.
  • Produce CNC data automatically!
    • CNC data is generated automatically for all shop drawings.
    • Built-in CNC editor.
    • Available CNC output formats:
      • Beatty Punch
      • Controlled Automation
      • Franklin Manufacturing
      • Metal Fabricators
      • Peddinghaus
      • Whitney
      • DSTV (Ficep)
    • Available plate burner/duplicator output formats:
      • Shop Data Systems
      • Controlled Automation

A beam sheet created with the Asteel 3D modeler.
  • Generate production control data automatically!
    • Production control data is generated automatically for all shop drawings.
    • Changes made in the bill of material are updated in the production control data.
    • Available production control output formats:
      • Cives
      • Fab / Trol (KISS)
      • ROMAC
      • Structural Steel Manager (EJE)

An anchor bolt plan created with the Asteel 3D modeler.
  • Easily customizable to fit any fabricator's standards!
    • Built-in standards for over 300 different fabricators!
    • Shipping and sub-assembly marking systems.
    • Standard clip angle designations.
    • Alternate running dimension tie-ups.

An example Asteel 3D model (wireframe view).
  • Generate connection calculations, mill orders and detail summaries!
    • Determines weak connections and flags them so they can be changed.
    • Produce details summaries of all angles, plates and miscellaneous fitup material in a job.

A mill order report created with the Asteel 3D modeler.

More screenshots can be found here.

If 3D modeling isn't for you, you may be interested in Asteel 2.0.

If you are interested the Asteel 3D Modeler, please contact us.

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