Asteel 2.0

Get quality shop drawings fast with Asteel 2.0!

Asteel 2.0 is a complete detailing solution. It produces high quality shop drawings, CNC and production control data, mill orders, connection calcs, detail summaries of fitup material and more...

  • Easy to use! Quick turn around time!
    • User-friendly and straightforward data entry.
    • No overhead time getting started on a job.
    • Easily configured for single or multi-workstation environments.
    • Robust, integrated help system.
    • Minimal training required.

The Asteel 2.0 column data entry screen.
  • High quality shop drawings - fast!
    • Unsurpassed drawing presentation.
    • Shop drawings show all required sections, details and layouts.
    • All material is automatically billed out using your fabricator's marking system.
    • Performs all calculations - minus dimensions, copes, weld sizes, stubs, weights...
    • Details are in the industry standard DXF format - view from any version of AutoCAD.
    • Hundreds of pre-configured connection types available.

A beam sheet created with Asteel 2.0.
  • Produce CNC data automatically!
    • CNC data is generated automatically for all shop drawings.
    • Built-in CNC editor.
    • Available CNC output formats:
      • Beatty Punch
      • Controlled Automation
      • Franklin Manufacturing
      • Metal Fabricators
      • Peddinghaus
      • Whitney
      • DSTV (Ficep)
    • Available plate burner/duplicator output formats:
      • Shop Data Systems
      • Controlled Automation

The Asteel 2.0 edit CNC data screen.
  • Generate production control data automatically!
    • Production control data is generated automatically for all shop drawings.
    • Changes made in the bill of material are updated in the production control data.
    • Available production control output formats:
      • Cives
      • Fab / Trol (KISS)
      • ROMAC
      • Structural Steel Manager (EJE)

A column sheet created with Asteel 2.0.
  • Easily customizable to fit any fabricator's standards!
    • Built-in standards for over 300 different fabricators!
    • Shipping and sub-assembly marking systems.
    • Standard clip angle designations.
    • Alternate running dimension tie-ups.

The Asteel 2.0 fabricator setup screen.
  • Generate connection calculations, mill orders and detail summaries!
    • Determines weak connections and flags them so they can be changed.
    • Produce details summaries of all angles, plates and miscellaneous fitup material in a job.
The Asteel 2.0 display connection data screen.

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